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Getting your oil changed doesn't have to be an all day event or be a big hassle, let our professionally trained technicians take care of you and your vehicle. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and quality parts, come see why more people are choosing Nissan of Vacaville. Getting your oil changed at regular intervals is an important part of the health of your engine and can go a long way to helping your engine last the life of your car. Below we go over a few questions and answers about getting your oil changed and what can happen if you don't.

How often do I have to get my oil changed?

It is the general consensus that you should get your oil changed every few thousand miles to avoid costly repairs and maintenance. Checking your owners manual will give you a more definitive time frame but the few thousand miles rule is safe to follow.

What will happen if I wait too long to change my oil?

Several things can happen to your cars engine if you wait too long including loss of overall engine performance, decreased gas mileage and additional wear and tear on your engine. When your engine oil gets old it begins to break down and start picking up particles of dust and dirt, causing extra friction and heat inside your engine which can result in costly repairs if left unchanged.

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