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Thank you for visiting the Nissan of Vacaville Commercial and Fleet Sales Department! We currently run the largest Import Fleet Department in the Pacific Northwest, including Solano County and are vastly expanding through the Greater Sacramento Area and Bay Area of Northern California. Our Commercial and Fleet Sales Manager Scott Foy is here to serve you by providing vehicles that fit your business needs without the back and forth of the typical dealership experience.

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Why Buy Fleet?

Our Fleet Department provides your business the opportunity to deal directly with one person, from start to finish, throughout the vehicle buying process. Our team will bring vehicles to your place of business, provide demonstrations to your employees, arrange financing and even deliver the vehicle(s) to you at the end of the transaction. By dealing with a skilled Fleet Salesperson you are guaranteed to get the exact vehicle you need with an easy, seamless process. Most businesses have vehicles for company use, and by simply expanding your current vehicle "Fleet" you may be adding thousands of dollars in tax savings to your companies bottom line every year.

When shoppers compare the Nissan NV 2500 to other makes like the Ford Econoline, Chevrolet Express, GMC Savana, Freightliner Sprinter and Ford Transit Connect , the 2012 Nissan NV 2500 shines as the most fun-to-drive. Starting with the 2011 Nissan NV 2500, owners found this affordable Van's crisp handling and lively acceleration to be reason enough to choose.

What are Fleet & Commercial Vehicles?

Fleet and Commercial Vehicles could be defined as any vehicle used 51% of the time or more for company use. Most people hear "Commercial" or "Fleet" and think large trucks or box vans, which is not always the case. We have seen a large increase in companies buying passenger cars for salespeople, managers, field supervisors and even company officers. Large and small pickups, passenger cars, SUVs and Cargo Vans can all be used by your company to help expand business and increase production. By purchasing or leasing these vehicles through the company there can be tremendous tax benefits available to the business.

Nissan Commercial and Fleet Vehicle Uses


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Please feel free to send us a message and our Commercial & Fleet Sales Manager will contact you to setup a consultation.

We serve the greater Sacramento area and Solano County, as well as the San Francisco Bay Area.

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