Nissans have the edge over the competition when it comes to design, handling, performance and fun. Please take a look at some of the links we have below to unique research pages that compare Nissan models with competing automakers, or in some cases, against other Nissans. Regardless of the model, we think you'll like what you see.

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Nissan 370Z sports car NISMO Vacaville Davis CA

Nissan 370Z

Check out one of the best-looking, fastest sports cars on the road today, the Nissan 370Z, with a Jaws-inspired design that will make others on the road cower in fear or green with envy.

2016 Nissan 370Z vs 2016 Audi TT
Nissan Altima midsize sedan Vacaville Davis CA

Nissan Altima

This midsize sedan is a true original, with a sporty design and V6 performance in top-line models that will separate you from the pack in a hurry.

2017 Nissan Altima vs 2017 Chevy Malibu vs 2017 Ford Focus
2016 Nissan Altima vs 2016 Honda Accord

Nissan Maxima premium sedan Vacaville Davis CA

Nissan Maxima

The Maxima gives you maximum performance and space, as this large sedan has all the comfort appointments that you could need and all the power you want.

2016 Maxima vs 2016 Fusion
Nissan Sentra compact Vacaville Nissan Davis CA

Nissan Sentra

A safe, dependable compact that turns on a dime, the Nissan Sentra picks up awards for safety (IIHS Top Safety Picks) as easily as it saves you money with its fuel economy.

2017 Nissan Sentra vs 2017 Toyota Corolla
2016 Nissan Sentra vs 2016 Honda Civic

2016 Nissan Sentra vs 2016 Toyota Corolla

Nissan Versa subcompact Vacaville Nissan Davis CA

Nissan Versa's 5-Year Cost to Own Award-winner, this affordable compact will give you value for miles and miles, which is what it will take before you have to refuel, thanks to its 40 highway mpg.

Nissan LEAF electric car Vacaville Nissan Davis CA

Nissan LEAF

When Dylan went electric, it was a scandal. Now when you go electric, you're helping conserve the environment. We can all agree that's something worthy of praise.

JUKE crossover Vacaville Nissan Davis CA

Nissan JUKE

This crossover has everything you need for fun on the road, with the fuel economy and handling of a sedan, the cargo room of a crossover, and the custom color options you crave.

Crossovers and SUVs (w/2016 Nissan JUKE)
Murano midsize SUV Vacaville Nissan Davis CA

Nissan Murano

The Nissan Murano wins awards for top family cars, safety and so on, and it’s no small wonder, when you see how sturdy this fuel-saving, feature-filled SUV is.

2017 SUVs (w/2017 Nissan Murano)
Crossovers and SUVs (w/2016 Nissan Murano)

2016 Nissan Murano vs 2016 Nissan Rogue
Rogue crossover Vacaville Nissan Davis CA

Nissan Rogue

“Go Rogue” from the everyday small SUV and try this ride out instead. With cargo room of an SUV and the gas savings of a sedan, and with seating and cargo options aplenty, this is one sweet crossover.

2017 Nissan Rogue vs 2017 Toyota RAV4 vs 2017 Hyundai Tucson
2017 SUVs (w/2017 Nissan Rogue)

2016 Nissan Rogue vs 2016 Nissan Murano

Crossovers and SUVs (w/2016 Nissan Rogue)
Pathfinder SUV Vacaville Nissan Davis CA

Nissan Pathfinder

If you’re looking for a muscular off-road vehicle that has a V6 engine but still saves you money at the pump, while also giving you a unique ability to toggle between drive modes, then you want the Pathfinder.

2017 Nissan Pathfinder vs 2017 Ford Explorer vs 2017 Kia Sorento
2017 SUVs (w/2017 Nissan Pathfinder)
Crossovers and SUVs (w/2016 Nissan Pathfinder)
Frontier midsize truck Vacaville Nissan Davis CA

Nissan Frontier

Whether you want to go big or small with your truck, this midsize has plenty of options to choose from, whether it’s the lightweight King Cab or the heavy-duty Crew Cab version, all built to last.

2016 Nissan Frontier vs 2017 Toyota Tacoma vs 2017 Honda Ridgeline

Titan truck Vacaville Nissan Davis CA

Nissan Titan

The Nissan Titan has won a number of best truck and best pickup awards recently, and perhaps it’s because 2016 diesel models have 555 lb.-ft. of torque, or its ability to tow more than 12,000 pounds.

2017 Nissan Titan vs 2017 Toyota Tundra
2016 Titan (Diesel) vs 2016 Titan (Gas Engine)

2016 Nissan Titan vs 2016 Toyota Tundra
GT-R premium sports car Vacaville Nissan Davis CA

Nissan GT-R

The vehicle most likely to be found in a “Fast and Furious”-style setting, this racing car has 565 HP in 2017 models. Godzilla does not go quietly into that dark night, it takes it over.

Quest minivan Vacaville Nissan Davis CA

Nissan Quest

Head out on an adventure with comfort and features galore with this minivan, thanks to second-row captain’s chairs and plenty of entertainment features, like an available 11-inch monitor.

NV200 Compact Cargo 1500 2500 3500 Vacaville Nissan Davis CA

Nissan Commercial Vehicles

Business needs both large and small can be housed in these world-class vehicles, from the small NV200 Compact Cargo to the larger NV Cargo series, which can hold up to 323 cubic feet of cargo.

Armada SUV Vacaville Nissan Davis CA

Nissan Armada

The Armada has room for a small fleet and more space than you could even imagine. Take your kids or your friends on a wild ride into luxury, with enough towing ability and power to get you out of any jam.

2017 Nissan Armada vs 2015 Nissan Armada
2017 SUVs (w/2017 Nissan Armada)
Crossovers and SUVs (w/2017 Nissan Armada)