2016 nissan maxima comparison ford fusion sedan midsize performance
2016 Nissan Maxima 2016 Ford Fusion
3.5L V6 - 300 hp Top Powertrain 2.0L I4 - 240 hp
300 hp / 261 tq Standard Performance 175 hp / 175 tq
39.4 in. Front Headroom 39.2 in.
45 in. Front Legroom 44.3 in.

2016 Nissan Maxima vs 2016 Ford Fusion

2016 nissan maxima comparison ford fusion sedan midsize performance

No matter where you live or what you’re doing, driving a midsize sedan gives you a sense of self that no other vehicle can manage. You’ve got a lot of performance and plenty of car inside, providing the ideal balance of family and driving fun. Do you have a vehicle in mind? Check out the 2016 Nissan Maxima vs 2016 Ford Fusion comparison page here at Vacaville Nissan in the greater Vacaville CA area and see just which of these two is more up your alley. Can you choose your favorite, even though we know which you’ll choose? 

The 2016 Nissan Maxima has been outshining the competition even though it hasn’t been around for all that long. A dynamic new body design and a powerful engine in tow make for something to be marveled at. The interior is boundlessly luxurious and the with plenty of space inside for passengers, you can bet that the all-new Maxima is the sedan for the modern age. What does the Fusion have to answer to what Nissan is bringing out? Well, let’s take a look at what these two sedans look like when they are put up side by side.

2016 Nissan Maxima Performance & Passenger Space

When you are looking at the power plants that both the Nissan and the Ford are putting on the table, the 2016 Maxima is most certainly proving to be the number one choice. With a powerful V6 engine as standard on the Maxima, you’ll feel the rush of 300 horsepower surging through the wheels. The Ford is forced to try to match that with its best 2.0-liter engine, but it doesn’t even come close. And when we look at what kind of performance comes standard, well, the Ford is left well and truly in the dust.

The Maxima is pulling away from the Fusion in a few other categories to, mostly involving the interior space of these midsize sedans. First and foremost, the front area of the cabin, the space where the driver will be spending all of their time within the vehicle, is noticeably larger on the Nissan than it is on the Fusion. For instance, not only will you be finding yourself with more headroom up front, but you’ll be able to stretch out further thanks the the greater available legroom as well. Once again, the Fusion must take a backseat to the Maxima.

2016 nissan maxima comparison ford fusion sedan midsize performance