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Renting a vehicle from your dealer is a great way to experience our products and offers a convenient alternative while during vehicle service.

Nissan of Vacaville Rental Cars located in Vacaville, CA offers the hottest new Nissan models available, making it a superior rental experience. Whether your rental needs are for pleasure, business or special events, Nissan of Vacaville Rental Cars provides the superior quality available from Nissan. We offer personalized customer service, competitive rates, and an opportunity to rent the latest Nissan models


Rental rates start as low as $19.95 per day

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 See the convenient Rental Car links to the right to get directions from all over Solano County area (Fairfield, Woodland, Dixon, Davis), the greater Sacramento area, or even Contra Costa and Napa Counties. You can also complete a request form and we'll contact you to confirm your rental needs.

Are we servicing your current vehicle? Drive away in the hottest new Nissan models available while your vehicle is being serviced.

Rent a comfortable, roomy Nissan for out-of-town guests or a business trip.

Try before you buy! Rent your next Nissan car or SUV for 24 hours to ensure you have made the right decision! If you are interested in buying one of these rental vehicles, ask your sales associate.


Nissan of Vacaville Rental Vehicle Rules and Information

Rentals must be returned 15 min prior to Rental Department closing. (Monday - Saturday by 4:45pm (Closed Sundays))


  • Customer must be 21 years of age or over. Customers between 21 and 24 will be charges a $15 per day underage fee.
  • Valid driver's license with current address. Change of address card is only valid if accompanied by corresponding DMV paperwork.
  • Full coverage insurance for photocopy.
  • Major Credit Card
  • The daily rental fee (plus applicable taxes) will be charged in advance.
  • Additional drivers must meet the same requirements.


  • Vehicle must return at the same fuel level as when departed.

Note: Customer will be charged a $10.00 Refueling Fee and $6.00 per gallon using an estimating sheet used for all vehicles if fuel level is not the same as when departed.

Extra Charges

  • Vehicles are rented on a daily (24-hour) basis. There is a 29-minute grace period for returns, After 30 minutes late, hourly rental car rate charges and taxes may apply.


  • Vehicle must return in the same condition as when checked out by rental attendant. (Minor dirt on carpet is acceptable, Food, spills, stains or garbage is NOT acceptable.)
  • Charges start at $10.00 for vacuum/garbage.
  • Carpet cleaning $25.00. Stains will be charged at $50.00.

Note: Customer will be charged a $10.00 Refueling Fee and $6.00 per gallon using an estimating sheet used for all vehicles if fuel level is not the same as when departed.


  • Please make sure that a thorough walk around is performed while you are present before you leave with your rental vehicle, as well as when you return it. There should be a mutual agreement as to any damage upon rental and return.

No Pets / No Smoking

  • Customer will be charged a cleaning fee if any signs of pets or smoke is detected.


  • Customer is responsible for all citations incurred during your rental. (Fastrac, Parking, Speeding, Etc)

Please Note: California law requires all children under 8 years of age who are less than 4 feet 9 inches in height to be transported in the rear seat of the vehicle in a child restraint system.


Speak with one of our professional staff members to get a quick answer to your question.

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